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Olive Harvest greece

Olive Harvest

We pay great attention to the process of olive purchasing and harvesting.

Before we proceed to olive purchasing, chemical screening and analysis is done in collaboration with the olive producers. After we ensure that we can proceed with the purchase of the olives we store them in our premises.

Olive Harvest

Storage and Fermantation

Then the olives are stored in large tanks or plastic barrels in a dry and cool environment. Our high-tech machinery and trained staff take action and taking into consideration the needs of each olive variety allow the olives to ripen naturally without the use of chemical acids.

Storage and Maturation elmarolives
Storage and Fermantation

Selection and Elaboration

We possess all the necessary equipment to complete the orders after we carefully select each olive complying with the requirements of food safety.

Selection and Standardization elmarolives
Selection and Elaboration


Our automated packaging machinery provides prompt service. Packaging materials vary from small package of 16 grams to wholesale packaging of 220-liter barrels.

Packaging olives

Loading of Final Products

Elmar Olives meets all the necessary requirements and possesses the infrastructure for the safe storage of the final products before they are ready to be shipped on the date the customer wishes. We are always available to serve you and our priority is the fast and efficient service of our customers and consequently the consumers.

Loading of Final Products elmarolives
Loading of Final Products


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